Review: The Fight

The Fight
“Home is Where the Hate is”
(Fat Wreck Chords)

K8, lead singer of The Fight, says “Girl singers are pretty much crap.”  Not that you’d know by her Avril Lavigne-ish “sk8erboi” name, but K8 happens to be a girl herself.  Her new EP does a pretty good job of bucking that whole “crappy” trend.  Hailing from a small town outside of Birmingham, England, The Fight are a melodic punk band (how many acts on Fat aren’t?) that isn’t afraid to tip their bowlers to UK punkers from the past-namely The Buzzcocks and The Clash, adding a bit of old school flair to the mix.

“Home is Where the Hate is” combines a nice element of harmony throughout the tracks, and K8’s voice isn’t nearly as annoying as her name.  Her healthy baritone is a nice change from the shrill cries of whoever those “crappy” singers are.  While the lyrics themselves aren’t really anything noteworthy (and some are downright vile) they’re not so bad that they distract from the effort as a whole.