Review: The Exit

The Exit
“New Beat”
(Some Records)

Any band that have the ability to play songs that sound reminiscent of The Police deserve some respect.  The Exit plays in a melodic pop-rock/emo style and bring some originality to the table with semi-reggae style bass lines, drumming that knows the meaning of accents and emotional hook loaded guitar riffs.

Imagine this, if you will, Samiam meets The Police, I know it sounds weird but it works.  I couldn’t help but notice that there is an 80’s pop music influence, which will take you back to all those 80’s greatest hit comps that you own (or, in the least, have heard).  The lyrics are intelligent and thoughtful, they tell stories of humanity and personal struggles that many of us have dealt with or at least have pondered.  “New Beat” has a great sound that is very unique to the current emo/pop scene and is definitely worth a listen.