Review: The Evaporators

The Evaporators
“Ripple Rock!”
(Alternative Tentacles)

I don’t know what “Ripple Rock” is and it’s probably because it doesn’t mean anything.  Or maybe it does.  Either way, if The Evaporators are ripple rock, I dig it.  I really have to admit that I’m personally not a huge fan of comical lyrics.  The whole idea of going to the show and laughing at funny lyrics just sounds gay to me.  Making eye contact with the fella you don’t know next to you and exchanging a little chuckle, fuck that.   A lyrical example: “I’m soft, I’m hard, I’m a piece of cardboard!”  Enough said.

Anyways, the music The Evaporators are rocking is a bit hard to describe.  There’s definitely an early ’80s punk vibe that sports an authentic tone.  Ska is thrown into the mix as well as a rap tune that, much like the songs and everything else presented by The Evaporators, is a total joke.  “Ripple Rock!” has lots of great extra footage of overdubs with Jello Biafra and plenty of other clips featuring Nardwuar.  If retro-punk does it for you, so will “Ripple Rock!”.  And if you’re the giggly type, listen to this by yourself.