Review: The Early November

The Early November
“For All of This”
(Drive-Thru Records)

Combining elements of quite a few of today’s more wussy acts (Simple Plan, Dashboard Confessional), The Early November croon their way through their eight-track EP with decidedly mixed results.  Flying the emotional flag high, The Early November rides the gamut from heavy rock band to pensive softcore at the drop of a hat.  The wanking mediocrity of “Ashala Rock”, with all of its rambling pseudo-breakdowns and heavy-handed vocals contrasts so sharply with the simple, almost do-wop feel of “Come Back” that it’s not even funny.  Or maybe it is, I don’t know.  The Early November are a band unafraid to go acoustic, as “Sunday Drive” is a soft reminder of days gone by with its gentl

e strumming and picking.  This enhanced CD serves up a few cuts that didn’t make the album sung softly by lead singer Ace Enders that are pretty fair, in an acoustic sort of way.  “For All of This” might not be as impressive as TEN’s latest release, “Room’s Too Cold” but the same subtle strains and emotive lyrics are there for you, sappy bastard that you are.