Review: The Crush

The Crush
“Here is Where I Cross My Fingers”
(Adeline Records)

Adeline has got a serious talent for scouting new bands.  Their latest offering is a four piece emo-punk outfit from Minneapolis that simply must be heard to be believed.  Borrowing heavily from Jawbreaker and The Get Up Kids, The Crush play as vibrant and fresh a brand of punk as I’ve heard in a while.  The flawless quality of the recording lets each word from Jason Miller’s strong (I’m pretty much over whiney lead singers) throat emerge into the beautifully crafted melodic mayhem of music every track promises.  This is one of those rare instances where the soaring harmonies, introspective lyrics, and blazing guitars all gel together in what’s sure to be your next favorite CD.

It’s tough to find an album with a couple of good singles on it, yet “Cross My Fingers” boasts an even dozen tunes sure to be in your head when you’re away from your stereo and continually in your Discman for the next few weeks.  Whether you’re an emo-y guy with dyed black hair that’s a little too long (me), a big fan of the Replacements (myself), or a guy who likes to be kicked in the teeth every once in a while down in the pit (and I), The Crush is for you.  So get off your backside, get a job and buy this album.  Or, even better, rob my house and take it.