Review: The Casket Lottery

The Casket Lottery
““Smoke and Mirrors” EP”
(Second Nature)

Who put a firecracker down the underpants of The Casket Lottery? These guys have always been one of the better emo rock bands, but never have their tunes sounded so urgent, so grab-you-by-the-windpipe, as on Smoke and Mirrors. A mere four song EP, I was left wishing for a full-length out of this recording session with Ed Rose. Included is the initial blast of “Come Sweet Revenge,” scream-inducing “On the Air,” almost epic emo of “Ten Years,” and awesome, 5-minute-plus title track which just ends in a heartbeat. All four tracks are seriously better than anything The Casket Lottery have done to date (and their back catalog is not chopped liver, believe me). Hopefully whatever’s got this band hot and bothered will carry over to their next full-length which, as of now, is one of my most highly anticipated CDs. In the meantime, check out this EP.