Review: The Boils

The Boils
“The Ripping Waters EP”
(Thorp Records)

Karl Marx would have liked The Boils. Their anthems of rising up against the bourgeoisie will have every kid in plaid pants and spiked bracelets singing along. This batch of OI! from the streets of Philly is the soundtrack for kids digging ditches, shoveling gravel and sitting in toll booths. It won’t have the same effect as The Communist Manifesto, but it makes you feel like you should be out fighting the good fight against anyone trying to keep the working class down.

The Boils, however, could benefit from a little more lyrical explanation. The fact that they want to fight the upper class is obvious, but a little more story in the songs would really drive their purpose home. So stand up with The Boils Manifesto. People with torn jeans, raw knuckles, empty wallets and crushed spirits unite with these three men. Sing their songs under your breath while you wait for the moment to strike. I can’t wait for the day when The Boils proclaim their call to arms, paint their faces with mud, wear kilts and yell from atop their valiant touring van “OI! Unite!”