Review: The Blow

The Blow
““Bonus Album””
(Secretly Canadian)

As my wife so eloquently put it “The Blow, blows!”  Frankly, I have to agree with her because I just don’t know where the hell this stuff fits into the whole music scene.  Most of this album is filled with low-fi effects, erratic guitars and drum beats which are supported by lyrics that often are not even words and are more grunts or just noises that came out of someone’s mouth.  These noises include, but are not limited to “Oh, oh, oh whoa, oh, oh, oh” and “Oooh.”  I’m still not convinced these people realized they were recording anything at all or that they made a record that has been released to the public.  What the fuck does this band do on stage together, play patty-cake?  The only track I would call a song “Watch The Water Roll Up” is actually pretty good.  It sounds kind of like a Caribbean song you would hear on a vacation.   The Blow’s songs are sluggish and end abruptly (as if this is even possible).