Review: The All-American Rejects

The All-American Rejects
(Dreamworks / Doghouse)

I bought Stroke 9’s “Nasty Little Thoughts” when it came it out and I listened to it quite a bit. I have a soft spot for emo-rockers who sound a little like Third Eye Blind and Counting Crows. The All-American Rejects take all that sappy emotional rock and pack it into a tight package. Not a lot is new with this band, but they are easy on the ears. They have been featured in everything from Rolling Stone to Alternative Press to the literary icon YM, the last of which is the biggest window into TAAR’s fans. The rejects are little on the sweet side , but they have mastered a sound that has worked for other bands and they will probably follow in the footsteps of many other pan flashes. But since their ages range from 18 to 21, they have their whole lives to mature into some better sounds or at least into a steady accounting job in Oklahoma. The haven’t been rejected yet, but no one can live on sweet forever. Where is Stroke 9 today?