Review: The Agenda!

The Agenda!
“Start the Panic”

Like The Hives?  How about The Strokes?  Well, there’s another mod-core band out there with a singer that sounds more distorted than Charlie Brown’s parents and a grooving band that probably knows how to play every song off of Iggy Pop’s “Brick by Brick”.  This five-piece outfit has got a super loose style that naturally fits perfectly with their helter-skelter music.  Justin Suicide’s vocals are snottier than a kindergartener on Triaminic and compensate the garage/mod (how mod are they?  They’ve got an organist, if that tells you anything) beats served up by the other four yokels.  The only problem with The Agenda! is they seem to be getting in on the whole movement a little too late.  I don’t know if what the world needs right now is another one of these mod-revival bands.  People seem to miss the point that the only way you can have a revival is if something sucked in the first place.  You don’t revive a person who’s already alive, you know what I mean?  The Agenda! do their thing, shaking their mops, stamping around the stage, swallowing the mic like Mick Jagger and staring off into vacant space like Iggy and I’m sure all the young girls go wild.  Still, once this little bubble bursts, what’s next?  Butt-rock revival?  Bobby McFerren-a capella revival?  Come on.