Review: Terror

““The Lowest of the Low””
(Bridge 9 Records)

With “Lowest of the Low,” Terror unleashes some of the most brutal, high-octane hardcore ever to hit the scene. The nine song EP combines material off self-released demos with unreleased tracks, and features hardcore veterans Scott Vogel (ex-Buried Alive), and Todd Jones and Nick Jett (ex-Carry On). This EP epitomizes energy, carrying blasts of mosh mayhem and dance beats in every song. Terror fits comfortably under the umbrella of tough hardcore, right up with the likes of those who established the genre (Hatebreed, Madball, etc.).

Though the group doesn’’t do anything too new with the music, some simple squeals in songs like “Keep Your Distance,” and “Another Face,” or the incredible, energetic pauses in “Life and Death” help make songs catchy enough to listen to time and time again.  The release is somewhat predictable pissed hardcore, complete with heavy breakdowns, blistering double bass, and lyrics about typical hardcore scene banter, personal struggles and broken bridges. Though the record may lack in originality, it’’s easy to enjoy. It’s energetic enough to evoke a physical response—from dancing in your bedroom, or moshing your steering wheel, to simply bobbing your head along to every track.  “The Lowest of the Low” is an intense release from one of the toughest bands in hardcore. Saying anything less about the album, I’’d fear for my life.