Review: Tekulvi

“In Recognition of Your Significant Accomplishments”
(Divot Records)

During the time this CD was playing in my stereo one word was flashing through my head: Fugazi.  From the first beat to the last note this entire album sounds like the Fugazi-flavored brand of punk.  This is not a bad statement, however, since Fugazi is one of the most unique punk bands I have ever heard.  Diving headfirst out of the Chicago music scene, Tekulvi fabricates an elusive style reminiscent of The Pixies and, as I beat to death earlier, Fugazi.  The impressive mixture of rock and punk styles is what makes “Recognition of Your Significant Accomplishments” a total triumph.  From “Serpico” to “Transmission”, Tekulvi brings forth nonstop genius with their not too overbearing sound.  Traveling through the web will bring you to, the band’s informative site with tons of goodies except MP3’s….I might have missed them but I am pretty sure there weren’t any there.  When you enter site you are given a choice of Flash or HTML (thanks for the choice guys) making browsing much easier.  Pick one and explore.  I’m sure the “Links” section of the website contains a link to some MP3’s so give it a try.  All in all, Tekulvi is an all around kool band to listen to and on a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 7.