Review: System Of A Down

System Of A Down
“Steal This Album!”
(American Recordings)

SOAD albums are anything but boring and “Steal This Album” is one wild ride! Five songs recorded for “Toxicity” are prominently featured here, from the all out metal assault about “pizza pie” on “Chic ‘n’ Stu” to the quiet, intense, acoustic “Roulette,” to the final track, “Streamline,” a major league song with thrash metal, melodic metal, various vocal styles, various instruments featured and a beautifully emotional lyric, this entire album is a big step in the right direction for the band.

“Innervision,” the smash single, uses various timing, great harmonies, mixed vocals and a rather odd but catchy melody for its hook, while “A.D.D. (American Dream Denial) utilizes major metal to make an intense political statement.

“Fuck The System” opens with weird guitar notes and even weirder human sounds before heading down the path of the title into an angry metal anti-war song.

“Ego Brain” goes off in a different direction with melodic metal, sparse accompaniment to excellent vocals during the verse and heavy instrumentals backing the chorus and short interludes of emphatic socio-political statements with a variety of musical styles pop up here and there to round out an album that seems to have more kick than even “Toxicity” did. A very worthy effort!