Review: Symphony in Peril

Symphony in Peril
“Lost Memories and Faded Pictures”

The first thing out of everyone’s mouth about this album will be that Symphony in Peril is headed by ex-Zao frontman Shawn Jonas, so that might as well be the first thing you read here, too.  To his credit, Jonas has done quite a bit to improve as a singer too, as “Lost Memories” has more nuances (and is substantially heavier) than anything Jonas ever accomplished during his run with Zao.

The other four members of Symphony in Peril are no musical slouches either, turning out tracks that vacillate back and forth between straight up metalcore tinged with frenetic breakdowns and staccato rhythms that hide within decidedly angular guitars.

All of this adds up to a pretty impressive debut album, especially when coupled with Jonas’ startling ability to craft positive messages into such a dynamically heavy album.  I’m sure a few of you are going to bitch that since Jonas is a Christian he’s not really hardcore, but how closed minded are you?  Good music is good music, yo.