Review: Swearing At Motorists

Swearing At Motorists
“This Flag Signals Goodbye”
(Secretly Canadian)

How many stunningly good two-man bands can come out of Ohio? Earlier this year The Black Keys rocked the blues like no white boys ever should. Now it’s Swearing At Motorists turn. This is possibly the finest half hour I’ve spent listening to music in I don’t know how long. What these guys have done is to create a two-man soul-folk recording that has true soul and songwriting skills with the power to knock the wind out of you. Velvety smooth vocals that are part Mark Lanegan, part Mark Sandman and all good, singing somber, lethargic, indie-blues songs too beautiful to be depressing. Almost entirely guitar and drums (a few guest instruments do appear) the music is sparse but elaborate, and skillful with mesmerizing melodies filling the broad, inebriated spaces. Incredible in its unassuming excellence, this band is probably the best-kept secret of all those GBV hipster tools wondering why Bob keeps trying the majors. Well, kids, the word is out. Do yourself a favor and sit down with this album the next time you want to drink alone. This is the kind of music beer was made for.