Review: Surrounded

“Safety In Numbers”
(Deep Elm Records)

Ohh YYaaaww Yaw! Sveden! Sveden!  Just kidding.  I’m just jealous because Surrounded is from Sweden and I want to check out it some day.  “Saftey In Numbers” is somewhat on the Brit-rock side but with bigger drums and rawness in the vocals and guitar tones.  “Saftey In Numbers” is a strongly sentimental album expressed impressively through all its musicans.  The vocals are heavyhearted and honest throughout, the guitars sway and drone and the drums and bass provide dutiful support.

The mood of the album doesn’t ever really steer away from somber, but at the same time creates a place that you’ll be in for a little while.  This is the kind of album that for some reason sounds extra good on overcast days or lazy hang time.  Cellos and keys chime in and keep everything warm and ambient and at times cut through “Saftey In Numbers'” bleakness to make sure you don’t do anything to hasty.  I’m serious, Surrounded is probably the least “feel good” band that I’ve heard in a while.  I would recommend it for a cloudy day with some chicken soup and sandwiches.