Review: Sunday’s Best “The Californian”

Sunday’s Best
“The Californian”
(Polyvinyl Records)

This band has become a melodic staple in the music scene of Cali.  I was fortunate enough to see them with a little band called Rainer Maria a couple years ago.  At the time I was a huge fan of their more popular tour mates, but Sunday’s Best really ripped onstage.  Sadly, I was a poor boy at the time and was not fortunate enough to pick up the disk they were promoting.  Being as there is so much music out there I lost touch with the best Sunday has to offer.  I must say that Sunday’s Best is a fun loving, free spirited band that I really enjoy listening to.  Lead singer Edward Reyes is definitely something to write home about.  My favorite track is “If We Had It Made” because makes you reflect on what’s going on right now in your life.  Actually, the whole album kind of makes you think about yourself and your place in life.  I think these guys are like a ‘Miller Time’ commercial except in real life.  Sunday’s Best should go on tour with The Get Up Kids and The Juliana Theory.  Damn, that would be a sweet ass tour.  There’s one thing for sure, Sunday’s Best has a sort of effortless quality that sets them apart from other bands.  There music makes me want to grab a lawn chair, a 12 pack and whatever other paraphernalia I think of and go to Mission Bay in San Diego for the day.  Do yourself a favor and buy this disc.