Review: Suicide Note

Suicide Note
““You’’re Not Looking So Good””
(Ferret Music)

A wise man once mused, “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.”  Please keep that in mind when reading my reviews.  I loathe textbook dissection of music itself, instead preferring to create some sort of intangible nail on which to hang your opinions.  That being said…… First off, Suicide Note get a spirit award for trying so hard.  The CD cover, both dry and clever, is far and away my favorite thing about this album.  The music, unfortunately, lacks a hint of this promised humor; and in hardcore, serious ranters must be either dead-on or aware of their own genre’s inherent goofiness.  I was personally offended that the song “Reno and Blood” didn’’t mention Victor Koresh or the Dividians. Suicide Note’s rocky hardcore, their bio would have you believe “melodic”, is at times punky, candy-ass, and light years from melody.  On the plus side, their name is fitting, having driven my guitarist friend Tim to “want to kill myself and everyone else in the room.” …another epiphany from Tim, a raving violent drunk, “Tell them Winston, tell them there’s more than four notes.”  A dull knife never cuts deep enough to kill.