Review: Stylex

“Auto Focus”
(Action Driver)

Stylex is a group of dissonant, annoying musicians, fusing synth-hop and Devo-like vocals into something that should never have seen the light of day.  With quirky electronic elements and off-kilter guitar dynamics, “Auto Focus” is a lesson in frustration, from the grating “Wiggle While You Work It” to the monotonous “Gamerom”.

Stylex tends to lose focus for extended periods on the scant ten tracks, often lapsing into pseudo-techno tendencies, offset by vocals that are little more than inanities (“Remember who you are/ Prepare to travel far”) and innuendo (“Unlock the door, I’ll pay you good money”).  Luckily, at only ten tracks this thing will be over soon and I can go back to staring at those dolphins off the point and getting one step closer to skin cancer, which is sadly preferable to this uneven mess of an album.