Review: Stay Gold

Stay Gold
““Pills And Advice””
(Indecision Records)

The first Good Riddance album I ever owned only made it into my player two times.  I just thought “what the fuck do all these people like this band for?”  There was really just nothing notable I could find.  I actually gave the disc away to this girl who a few months later I saw wearing a Good Riddance shirt.  Go figure.  Stay Gold is definitely in the same musical vicinity as Good Riddance except there is much less guitar soloing.  I like the singer of Stay Gold a little better than GR too because he sings with a little bit of melody.  His voice is not that strong, but he tries to sing instead of just growling or yelling the whole time.  These guys sound good, but there are more than a handful of bands that are comparable and just as good.  It’s so frustrating to say, but these guys are hopelessly forgettable.  Sorry, nothing else to say!