Review: The Starvations

The Starvations
“Get Well Soon”
(Gold Standard Labs)

In the undisputed heavy weight bout for the title of Rock and Roll, The Starvations are the underdog band that will shock everyone by claiming a first round knock out with a sucker punch to the jaw. Forget everything you have heard from all the rock bands with  The before their names, The Starvations are the only band that have true substance.

Infusing a unique sound that separates them from the rest of the garbage rock that has been cluttering the airwaves, “Get Well Soon” marks the bands second full-length release fusing styles of blues, country, and punk.. Underlined with an emphasis on rock, The Starvations bear a resemblance to a cross between early Bad Seeds and a back alley, Los Angeles version of The Pogues.

Ryan Hertz’s twisted blues style guitar helps lay a backdrop for singer Gabriel Harts stringent raspy vocals that only stress his tales of a bitter urban melancholy. At times, Harts vocals can be slightly compared to those of sissy boy Conner Oberst but instead of coming off as the cute, lonely, outcast that Oberst does, Hart is the exact opposite; a hobos reflection crippled by an excess of drugs, booze, fighting, and bad women.  Not the kind of woman who just leaves you for another guy and breaks your heart but the kind of woman who takes all your coke, steals all your money, and shits in you toilet without flushing.  “Get Well Soon” is a bleak reminder that no matter how bad things are, they could always be worse.