Review: Starflyer 59

Starflyer 59
“Can’t Stop Eating EP”
(Tooth & Nail Records)

If I couldn’t stop eating I’d want nothing but cheeseburgers.  I love cheeseburgers.  In fact, I can’t wait to finish writing this thing so I can go down the street to The Hamburger Habit and get a Charburger.  They’re the bomb.  This CD is not the bomb.  Starflyer 59 takes decent sounding emo lyrics and does horrid things to them.  They put in organs and little dubs that reminded me of The Love Boat theme song and not in a good way, either.  I know I mentioned in another review that I liked the simplicity and honesty of Little Wings’ “Light Green Leaves”.  The “Can’t Stop EP” is just the opposite.  The tracks are ponderously slow and pointedly about nothing in particular yet laden with so many studio effects that this album is the equivalent of a summer Hollywood movie full of flashiness yet lacking a soul.  None of the five songs held my attention all the way to the end.  My favorite aspect of this album (besides the cool truck on the cover, I wish I had a shirt with that picture on it) is the fact that it’s only about fifteen minutes long, so that Charburger won’t have to wait too much longer.