Review: Stand and Fight

Stand & Fight
(Bridge Nine)

This is everything old school-influenced hardcore should be: short, brash songs that recall the finer chant-a-long moments of early Sick Of It All or Agnostic Front before Roger Miret became a caricature of his Epi-posing self.  Tight blasts of unbridled anger that clock in under two minutes, these guys are in desperate need a Metallica-inspired “session” but if they had one, it might turn this Earth A.D. into their St. Anger.  From the thunderous blast of “My Right” to the reckless abandon of “Dead In The Eyes”, there is nothing here that indicates slowing down, reintegration in to “normal society” or anything less than a future of hatred and bitter old men grumbling about society.  While it’s sad these guys will probably stay in the underground with their bombastic fury, it just means they’ll stay that much more special to us in The Know.