Review: SRH

Various Artists
“SRH: Spaded, Jaded and Faded”
(Suburban Noize Records)

This record has something for everyone. Each segment of the CD features a wealth of different styles of music. The rap/rock stylings of Sen Dog’s (Cypress Hill) SX10 open the disc by laying down the heavy groove of “Erase Me”. I was never a fan of Cypress Hill’s rock tracks but this is a great song.

Mower’s “Wrestle with a Pig” kept me going back to track 5 time and time again. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed something in the nu-metal vein but I’d really like to check out more from Mower as the heavy groove on this track was awesome.

Stretcher’s “Process Recorded” is nothing more than straight up extreme metal and should be well embraced by fans of either the Earache or Relapse catalogs.

Everyone’s favorite southern California hip-hop beat junkies the Kottonmouth Kings contribute the outstanding track “Police Story”.

Mellow Man Ace shows just “What the Hell Happened to Hip-hop” and it doesn’t get any better. Why isn’t this guy signed?

The ‘motherfucking’ Judge turns in the outstanding track “Judgement Time”. From what I’ve heard so far from the Judge his debut is gonna be explosive!

The obviously Bob Marley influenced Too Rude’s ‘Dogin Bullets’ rounds out the disc in fine style.

Honestly, there is a wealth of music here that everyone can enjoy. Even those heavy music enthusiasts who hate rap/hip-hop will even find something here they can enjoy. My only complaint with this record is the same problem I have with every compilation record and that’s they wear thin quickly. You choose your favorites quickly and skip the rest. Compilations basically serve as a platter so you can taste a bit of everything and then go buy check out the artists you really enjoyed. In this case there is a lot to enjoy and that should keep you full for quite some time.