Review: S PRCSS

(Frenchkiss Records)

I had one long distance relationship in high school that lasted for two years. I thought Sarah was the one I would marry, spend the rest of my life with. But we only got to see each other maybe twice a year for a single day when our sporting teams played each other. So the relationship ended with me finding someone a little closer (about two blocks away) and her going to college where she found cigarettes and a guy named Jeff. I have known a lot of people in long distance relationships that faltered, stumbled and eventually crashed so I do not have much faith in them. S PRCSS, however, has proven me wrong.

Bob Doto, Daneil Mazone, and Julian Grefe used the mail to exchange sounds and ideas. They wrote long-distance songs from their homes in Boulder, Providence, and Philly, respectively. The end result is MNML and it is definitely a lasting love. I don’t know what Bob, Daneil and Julian did that I failed to do with my long distance relationship, but whatever they did worked. Catchy lyrics with arty beats flow from every member.

On “Our Bikes are Silver. Her Bed is Hers,” piano sprinkles fall over minimal drums and a single guitar riff while the lyrics fly all over a demanded orgasm. “100,000 Runners” is organized chaos. No lyrics are attached, but imagining 100,000 people all running (race or no race) fits the music perfectly. “I’m a Cemente Mixier /  I Heart You” sounds the way a hot road feels when the tar is melting. The sun is burning overhead and the asphalt is like black soup underfoot.

This album is up with early Sonic Youth when they were the kings of the indie rock world. Just as every indie band from the late 80’s has some Sonic Youth in them (whether they know it or not), every 2003 indie band could be better by listening to S PRCSS. I don’t want every band to sound like S PRCSS, just listen and appreciate the ideas spewing from this disc. I hope these three can make the long distance relationship work. I hope they can prove me wrong. And Sarah, if you’re still out there, listen to MNML and maybe we can figure out why our long distance love spoiled. I’m way cooler than Jeff anyway.