Review: The Spitvalves

The Spitvalves
““Movin On””
(Resurrection Records)

Punk, ska, horns, horns, horns, some melody…there’s like twenty guys in this band, a concoction of influences, a bubbling cauldron of sound.  I like the vibe; it’s pretty slow semi-melodic punk with HORNS.  The musicianship, technical and at moments very rhythmically hypnotic, surpasses the current punk standard.  Frontman Chuck Sender strays a bit into rap-rock and…well…rock and roll, hip-hop mutants make me sick.  But he finds his way back home, and while at times Turretishly erratic, plays par for the course. Old friends from Orlando with that buddies forever mentality, these guys continue touring.  They’re (insert album title pun here).  Maybe check them out if you like to smile.  Maybe don’t if you force your smile and secretly, like Raskolnakov from “Crime and Punishment”, want to murder, murder, Murder…