Review: The Special Goodness

The Special Goodness
“Land Air Sea””
(N.O.S. Recording)

I believe the Spanish word is asi asi.  This record is not bad, but not great.  I wouldn’’t be surprised to find it in the used section at Music Trader, but for $8.99 I would actually ponder the purchase.  God damn, how can you not want to shake your ass to pop rock?  These songs have me jumping out of my chair, but I do have some qualms.

First off, the solos are well written and crafted in a way that really fits the music, but they’re a little overbearing.  On some tracks it’s like the whole song has to be put on hold so that there can be this big elaborate solo and it seems like the flow of the song is significantly affected.  The point is that some songs just don’t need a solo no matter how well the solo is written.  Man, this singer has a voice, but I can’t really identify with the lyrics very much.

The most substantial part about the special goodness is the off beat drumming.  I tell you, this band would be hopelessly average if not for the drumming.  Some of these songs are definitely better written than others.  The more notable tracks include “life goes by” and “day in the autumn”.  I never know what to wear and feel pretty weird in the autumn too.  My wife says that wearing a jacket makes her feel claustrophobic and that the winter gives her seasonal depression.  Funny shit.