Review: Some Kind Of Hate

Some Kind Of Hate
(Bridge Nine)

The first time I heard Slayer’s Reign In Blood, it was deliciously naughty. It felt like I was doing something wrong; that my parents would undoubtedly disapprove and to this day I love it for that very reason. While Some Kind Of Hate’s gutter punk-meets-New York Hardcore couldn’t be further from Reign In Blood’s thrash metal masturbation, Undisputed most certainly evokes those same fanciful moments. Frothing at the mouth, dirty and primeval, this is the furthest thing from reinventing the wheel.

In fact, it’s so much more than a measly tire; more like the thousand-pound treads of WWII tank rolling over your testicles as you headbang in appreciation. Aptly named, this band seems to be in utter disgust of everything (including you) and their thunderous delivery only serves to reinforce that sentiment. You can almost feel the venom pouring out of the speakers, this shit is so hot.