Review: Some Girls

Some Girls
“All My Friends Are Going Death”

Not to be confused with the poppy Juliana Hatfield band or the Rolling Stones album of the same name, this Some Girls includes members from the Locust, Unbroken, and Tristeza, and they mean fucking business.  “All My Friends are Going Death” is a discography to date of the band, including their two previously released 7″‘s and some bonus covers of The Stooges, tucked away on track number 69.  It’s a chaotic blast of brutally heavy guitars and intense screaming that never lets you take a breath.  Most of the songs hover around the one minute mark, with the longest clocking in at one minute and forty seconds… and this is what I found most disappointing about the album.  The songs have sheer energy and intensity but arent very complex, which makes most tracks sound indistinguishable from one another. Not to mention they tend to be over when they sound like they’re just getting started, which makes this album overall as only okay.  With this lineup, I expected a little more, maybe a little more complexity and some hot guitar licks.  They do have some nice song titles though, like “Some Girls Have all the Fuck.”