Review: (This Is) Solid State

Various Artists
“(This Is) Solid State: Volume 4”
(Solid State)

Solid State has always been one of hardcore’s premier labels and this CD proves it. With Victory Records jumping on the “emo” bandwagon, Solid State is taking over the scene with a wealth of great bands.

Beloved (US) turn in a powerful performance of melodic vocals combined with a growl matching that of Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) during “Only The Faces Hide”.

One of the biggest surprises for me was the band Stretch Armstrong.  These guys are fucking great! The song “Devil Shoots Devil” is great and their song/video “For The Record” are the two best tracks by far.

Figure Four turn in a punishing performance with their track “Kill and Deceive”. Why isn’t Figure Four being thrown in everyone’s face by Solid State? These guys deserve to be huge.

Demon Hunter with their slightly different approach to hardcore with gigantic grooves turns in one of the stronger cuts on the disc with “A Broken Upper Hand”.

With the glut of hardcore and label samplers out there, Solid State has done a great job in making sure this disc is worth every penny of your hard earned cash. Here is a disc full of blistering hardcore and a DVD full of cool videos you won’t find elsewhere.  This is an amazing deal.