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A mixed bag this band is. With contemporary kinship lying in such bands as Moonspell and Alchemist, Solefald is forging their own ground into odd musical niches. The overall feeling is quite melancholy, even going so far as to throw in a mournful sax solo here and there. There’s lots of snappy keyboard work, the guitars are heavy, vocals vary from droning incantations to growls to tenor singing, and the drums are eclectic but often fall back on the standard double bass for power. One might imagine Mr. Bungle on their “Disco Volante” album infused with sorrow and all the circusy themes removed. This is sort of a band for other bands. The songs are indirect, somewhat experimental, rambling compositions that are certainly not for everybody. They exist in that zone where an excess of music theory has theorized them right out of the ballpark. They’ve forgotten the most direct route to the music fans’ heart is through their chest with a strong, sharp melodious knife. These guys usually have so many themes running at once the listener gets completely lost in their bizarre fugues. I’m one of those guys that likes this kind of thing, and I only critique the band on it to warn others. Now, if you’re with me, then you’ll enjoy the hard work that went into this album. If you’re not with me, then you’ll find it to be a load of self-indulgent masturbatory hijinks. So, there you have it, to paraphrase Bush, “You’re either with me or you’re with a gang of ass raping pedophiles.” So which is it?