Review: Skinlab

“”Nerve Damage””
(Century Media)

Skinlab was always an underrated band that nobody seemed to give enough props to. When other bands exploded during the late 90’s through 2000 these guys consistently released good records but failed to achieve the recognition or success they deserved.  “Nerve Damage” is a collection of B-sides, live tracks, demos and rarities that closes Skinlab’s career properly. Things like the band’s cover of Smashing Pumpkins ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ or the live version of ‘Slave the Way’ are too good to sit in some record label vault, never having the chance to be heard. The liner notes offer up a good explanation of each track, the recording process and where the band was at that point. This is a solid release for any fan of Skinlab should own; a fitting tribute to truly a great band.