Review: Skindred

(Bieler Bros. / MCA)

Every year there always seems to be one artist who comes straight out of left field and kicks everybody’s ass. Skindred has set themselves up to be that band in 2003. Sounding like the bastard child of Bad Brains, 311 and the Deftones, Skindred have created one of the most original sounding records of the past decade.

From the heavy reggae groove of “Nobody” to the melodic acoustics of “The Fear”, this is an album as diverse as they come.Skindred’s strength lies in the versatility of vocalist Benji. This guy has the ability to touch upon elements of metal, punk, reggae and pop all in the same song. Truly original and refreshing.

The band backing Benji is no slouch either. They manage to deliver the punch and heavy groove that knocks the listener on their ass. With the glut of crossover acts out there, all trying to sound like 15 other artists, it’s inspiring and refreshing to see something truly original. Skindred are here to change everything you know about music. Welcome to “Babylon”.