Review: Skare Tactic

Skare Tactic
““Remember When””
(Thorp Records)

HxC! Los Angeles hardcore is back, with the mind blowing release, “Remember When”, from Skare Tactic. The Terror, Agnostic Front, Minor Threat, Sick of It All influence is apparent right off the bat, justifying that the west coast with-holds the potential to top the great and infamous east coast originators. Even with that said, Skare Tactic are, indeed, the originators of their own world. Creating rage filled, sadistic tunes to match one of the most powerful voices to emerge as of late, this band offers more than words could express.

This is, no doubt, one of the best (most recent) hardcore albums I’ve had the pleasure to experience. I guarantee you’ll be joining in on the customary, yet amazing, gang-vocals and shattering your vocal chords, in attempts to match lead singer Keith Boyle. With Skare Tactic’s tour just underway, it’s an open invitation to undergo the brutality this band has to offer. Just listening to this CD gives me chills as to how intense the pit would be. Blood, sweat, scraps, and bruises. Are you down?