Review: Six

“The Price of Faith”

If success were ever measured by determination and vision, Six would be a household name by now. Actually, Drown would be the household name… but that’s a long story and all you need to know is the name Six.

It’s an angry, crawling, guitar crunch and dark synth driven creature.  Its breath of life is its vocalist Lauren who has a knack for taking the bullshit life throws at him and focusing it into his musical drive. You can’t miss the bleeding passion that is ripped into each track.

The musical attack is heavy on the guitar chomp with thick bass and ample electronic currents under-slicing the tempos.  Which is then carried by Laurens growl of lyrical despise.  A great knack for calling out the hollow feelings life often leaves us with.

On “The Price of Faith”, the time invested shows (it’s been almost two years since the last Six EP, two songs of which are included here, one of which is a reworked Drown song… see I told you it was a long story).  This newest album is sonically thick so the songs come through with their intended dark and disturbingly heavy impact.

“Everything” clips along with the pace that first drew me to the bands earlier material.  “Something’s Gotta Give” serves up as a smack in the face disc opener and sums up the powder keg that is Six’s vocalist.  “Stranger, Killer, King” is presented for the third time for the long time listener, and this is by far the best version.

It’s taken years of flaky members, broken promises and lies big enough to destroy bands to bring Six to the place it’s at.  Any band that refuses to give up and only gets better for it is worth your time for sure.

Six is a living, breathing example of this albums most appropriate title.