Review: Sinergy

“Suicide By My Soul”
(Nuclear Blast)

At the heavier and more aggressive end of the soaring European progressive metal spectrum you will find Sinergy in all their double bass smacking, guitar shredding, vocal howling, technically acute soloing glory. They set themselves a part from the rest of the pack with chunkier riffs, greater diversity in song structure, broader influences including some coming from American bands such as Slayer and early Metallica (especially noticeable in some solos).  They lash themselves to the rest of the pack with their traditional falsetto wailing, intermittent guitar wanks, squeals and constant fast tempo beats. The musicianship, make no mistake, is top-notch, tight and carries the weight of experienced players featuring ex-At the Gates members and a former Dimmu Borgir session keyboardist who contributes vocals on the album which helps to distinguish the band from the many others who are still engaged in playing this niche type of heavy metal.  The level of her contributions to the vocals on this album is hard for me to determine since I have limited information and couldn’t properly make out who plays what and when and where on their website which is easily found at for interested parties or curious bored wayward surfers.