Review: Simple Plan

Simple Plan
““No Helmet, No Pads… Just Balls””
(Atlantic Records)

It so must be a guy thing that I don’t and probably will never understand.  “No Helmet, No Pads…Just Balls”–is that self explanatory or what? Simple Plan are a group of young Canadian punk rockers going balls to the wall with their Atlantic release.  The album, which includes tracks “I’d Do Anything”, about begging chicks to jump into the sack with ‘em, and “You Don’t Mean Anything” is the self esteem riser of the year, is very well done.  They sound remarkably like their musical influences, Lagwagon, with a little bit of old pop flair.  Who wouldn’t be an instant teen girl dream when Blink 182 front man, Mark Hoppus decides to appear on your title track?  This is the funny part–Simple Plan is opening for Sugar Ray!  Talk about destroying a good thing fast.  Screw Sugar Ray, guys!   Simple Plan are smokin’’ hot and I’m going to keep this album and treasure it!