Review: Self-Evident

(Blue Worm Records)

I went to my friend Meghan’s wedding in Santa Monica yesterday.  It wasn’t just any old wedding-it was a Mormon wedding.  You have to be a Mormon to go into the temple, so obviously I was out on that account, but the ring ceremony at the Double Tree wasn’t that bad.  There wasn’t any alcohol, of course, but there was a DJ, and boy did he ever suck.  He was playing songs that my grandparents probably had played at their wedding.  Wedding music should be happy, dance sort of music, don’t you think?  Self-Evident would be horrid wedding music because it’s dark-pop, screamo music.  It’s good, though.  The guitarist is great and the lyrics and musical accompaniment flow together perfectly.  The subtle desperation in the singer’s voice when he moans, “I would do anything to avoid everything” exactly matches the dissonant minor chords and staccato rhythms.  It’s tough to judge too much from a little six-track EP, but I like what I heard here and there’s reason to expect more from this threesome in the future.  And don’t forget, just ’cause they don’t have beer at the reception doesn’t mean you can’t get your lazy ass up and walk over to the bar.  They’ll take care of you there.