Review: Scissorfight

“Deathchants, Breakdowns and Military Waltzes Vol. 2”
(Tortuga Recordings)

A new 6-songer from New Hampshire’s bastard sons of rock n roll.  The singer is named Ironlung and earns every penny of that title.  Fans of previous work will find more of the beloved dirty low boogie NorthEastWood’s rock and roll the band specializes in.  Storytelling that captures the rural experience of Americana, sometimes contemporary, sometimes delivered as a history lesson, Scissorfight take you on a rock and roll journey through their subject matter.

The overall Scissorfight rock sound is rumbly and low, sludgy with a sly backbeat to move you.  It’s meaty and thick and sticks to your ribs.  Standard rock and roll sing a long choruses are brought to a new level.  A biker gang disguising themselves as a rock and roll band and kicking the shit out of everything in their paths (and buying them a beer afterwards).  Vibe this shit, cause this is rock and roll mined from a rare and unique source.  One listen will tell you that and you’ll need no more convincing.

If you don’t like this, you don’t like rock and roll.  You fucking communist.