Review: Schomolance

“The Immortality Murder”
(The End Records)

This is a 2 CD set of incredibly innovative and highly ambitious technically proficient progressive metal with (get this) death metal vocals on the first CD, and for those who don’t take kindly to the intense vocal style that involves all the rumblings, shrieking gurgles and hoarse incantations we have come to expect from death styled vocals, no vocals whatsoever on the second CD. I don’t have much information on Scholomance as even their website says very little about them. I can’t imagine how they could possibly pull of this intricate weaving of guitars, keyboards, piano and such machine like precision drumming live. CD two contains many extemporaneous excursions into solo piano work that operates as interludes, segues and bumpers between the furiously original metal compositions. This is a very different take on metal that most people haven’t heard the likes of, and insofar as that goes, it isn’t for everyone.  But if you’re looking for a little risk and daring, and most of all love musicians who desire to soar beyond the standard confines of traditional song structure then Scholomance’s “The Immortality Murder” is what you want.