Review: Scars Of Tomorrow

Scars of Tomorrow
““Rope Tied to the Trigger””
(Victory Records)

Scars of Tomorrow gets right to the point on “Rope Tied to the Trigger”, an album complete with more musical support of hardcore dancing than the pit will know what to do with.  Barely taking the time to calm down for the two second gap between songs, Rope relentlessly pours out a wall of attacking, palm-muted riffs.  The ambush is evident on the track bearing my favorite title, “As We Choke,” where atonal screeches overtop grinding chugga-chuggas make this point clear.  I can’t fail to mention that the prevailing feeling of double bass beats doesn’t help to water anything down either.  “Will Hell Arise” surges up to sound like buildings are falling, but its message is one of hope – primarily that hell actually won’t arise in you.  Good luck.  I agree.  Lyrically, the record seems to fall in line alongside some common hardcore stances but is in no way a cookie-cutter product of the hardcore scene.  All around, a great listen for the hardcore-inclined.