Review: Sadis Euphoria

Sadis Euphoria

Grindcore, grindcore rah, rah, rah.  Grinding, grinding, hoo-ha-ha.  Urgh, goes the vocals, and then scree, scree, scree go the vocals.  Rattattatta, rattattatta go the drums.  On and on they go rattatttatta.
And it goes on like that.  From the very first second to the last.  Let’s try to go for some pull quotes.  You all know what a pull quote is, right?  It’s when the label or movie studio or whoever the soulless cunt is that puts ads together pulls a quote out of a review for the band or movie to use in the ad.  For example, “Jersey Girl is an emotional thrill ride of a rollercoaster!” says Jeff Craig of the Sixty Second Preview.  So here we go, pull quote baiting…

A soundtrack for an autopsy.  Sadis Euphoria play the score for Christ’s scourging.  Precision bombast that’d make even Barbara Bush’s cunt bleed anew like a girl in her prime. Ferocious – each consecutive note cannibalizes the one before it like a musical Uroboros.

That’s enough pull quote baiting.  Thank you for tuning in.  We’ll see you next month, same fix magazine, same fix page.