Review: rubyhorse


Does the front of this magazine say “Pussy Rock Magazine” featuring an article with Phil Collins and his days as a butt hugger?  Should I go buy a flowery bright pink tee shirt, trade my car in for a station wagon and trade in The Simpsons for reruns of The Andy Griffith show?  Did this disk get mistaken for one of my mom’s soft rock favorites?  Hell no, this is Modern Fix!  I like who I am way too much to do any of that crap; and my mom already has a Hootie And The Blowfish disk that she spins, God bless her soul.  The only positive thing I can say about this disk is that the late George Harrison plays the slide guitar on track 07 “punckdrunk.”  The old guy must have been out of his gorge, may he rest in peace, but he did choose the best track to do a cameo.  I was also thinking that this must have been recorded startlingly close to George’s death and might be one of the last tracks he ever recorded!  If you are a die hard Harrison fan I recommend taking a pocket knife to the music store with you.  After you walk out of the store immediately open the disk, flip it over, and make a deep hard scratch with your knife from the middle of the disk out about half way.  Remember, you don’t want to rip into track 7 of 11 so use your best judgment.  Then, from the outside in scratch leaving about half an inch to an inch between the scratches.  This should properly secure track 7 and prevent you from hearing too much of the rest of that crap.