Review: Rogue Nation

Rogue Nation
“The Sedition”

Rogue Nation sprang up from the shake up of hardcore legends Figure Four and “The Sedition” shows that the ex-members haven’t lost any of their sting.  If you were to take Throwdown and Madball and mix them together with early Propagandi (minus the overt punk influences but with the hyper politicized lyrics) what you’re left with is “The Sedition”, blazing fast and harder than as my abs (which is really saying something).  The third track, “Time of Prophesy”, contains a little synopsis of the mess we find ourselves in with its “Apostate behind the pulpit, and the liar on the throne/ They sing the anthem, rise new Rome” and pointedly anarchistic “Prepare for the ascension of their last dynasty/ Pick up raise up high the sword for our reality.”  What they lack in subtlety they make up for in brute strength and hammering, pulverizing masses of noise.  “The Sedition” is as pointed and devastating as anything you’ll hear and as immediate as it is impressive.