Review: Robust “Potholes in Our Molecules”


“Potholes in Our Molecules”

I’m feeling’ Robust. “Potholes in our Molecules” reminds me of a time when raps were fun, basslines were dominant, and DJ’s actually scratched. A time when rehashing old hits to create new hits was looked down upon by hardcore Hip-Hop enthusiasts. I’m thinking of a time when an MC could get their props without flossing their pimp ride, or their fat grip. I know this sounds like nonsense to Hip-Hop newbies, but there was a time when things were “freshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Thank you Robust. Not for being an extraordinary lyricist, or breaking new ground. I want to thank you for making it possible to listen to an album from beginning to end. I’d also like to thank Prolyphic, Meaty Ogre Sunspark, DJ White Lightning, and Dreas for making the production on this album so palatable. I love good Hip-Hop, and I think Robust does too. Since his debut album “Freelance Gynecologist”, Robust has learned to bare his soul more to the masses, and ease up a little on the jokes. (Maybe a bit less that a little) If he sounds a little like Qwel to you, blame it on association since Robust made an appearance on Qwel’s “If it didn’t come from a pawn shop, then it can’t play the blues”. Robust is keeping Chicago’s underground scene interesting, and I doubt you can find much fault with “Potholes…” after a couple of listens. The Backpack Rap Pack will find this close to the centerpieces of their Hip-Hop collection. Hip-Hop will continue to live as long as the new artists don’t forget where this all came from. I think I can speak from Robust when I say he can remember quite clearly.

Hugh Knight