Review: Righteous Boy

Righteous Boy
““I Sing Because Of You””
(Stockholm Records)

Probably the most methodical pop record I have heard this year. Magnus Sveningsson dare I say formerly of the Cardigans (as their bassist) has put together a collection of songs that are both beautiful and true.  The British rocker might as well have cut open his chest and put his still beating heart on the table for you to see.  “I Sing Because Of You” is very much driven by Magnus’s relationships with the Cardigans and the way he feels about the situation.

In the sound department, think low-fi pop along the lines of Bon Voyage, Melochrome, or less spastic Slowreader.  One of the best things about this record is that it’’s chill and never tries to overstep its boundaries.  You get your elements of electronica, rock and the like without any element ever becoming too overbearing.  I would dare to say Righteous Boy is one of Radiohead’s fiercest contemporaries and that no one has realized it.  This record is organically made and contributions come from a gamut of Magnus’s friends.  Thankfully this guy left the Cardigans and became golden.