Review: Ride

(The First Time Records)

The more I am exposed to Ride the more I realize that they were a rock powerhouse of the early 90’s. The early 90’s was a time in my life when I was still awkwardly trying to figure out who I was.  With hindsight 20-20 I would have been sporting a Ride tee shirt in 7th grade and sneaking out of gym class to go carry out dubious plans.  This album of seventeen of the BBC’s best Ride takes during 1990 – 1994 is definitely no disappointment with the sonic waves of guitar melodies that just sort of comb over the brain and put you in a rock coma.

It’’s pretty fucking crazy how many awesome tracks Ride had.  Two of the obvious classics are the visceral fuzzed out jam “Time of Her Life” and the loungey “Crown of Creation”.  Ride makes me wonder if some of the bands I’m really into are pioneers or not.   I just don’t think people realize how important this band was and really think any fan of rock n roll would enjoy the hell out of this album.