CD review The Bled

Review: The Bled

The Bled
“Pass The Flash”
(Fiddler Records)

James Munoz on vocals, Mike Celi on bass, Ross Ott and Jeremy Talley on guitars and Mike Pedicone on drums. The veteran Bled fans would also chime in that The Bled started the band and cut their first demo with a completely different vocalist, but it’s pretty much been Munoz handling things in a way some may compare to a Refused or Converge style of vocals.

And while there are hundreds of bands that mimic Refused and Converge, The Bled is actually one of the few that are actually complimented by that, and definitely hold their own. Although their album “Pass the Flash” has its highlights (“You Know Who’s Seatbelt”, “Sound of Sulfur”, etc) even the average songs are above the quality of the hardcore ‘riff riff, scream scream’ band mentality that’s grown common nowadays. Instead, they actually add some meat to the bones, bringing up that quick metal lead guitar to keep the listener following, then take it all back to the slow, chunk chunk style hardcore that we all secretly just wanted to hear anyways. I would suggest this to a person that was a fan of the bands mentioned above and along the lines of acts like As I Lay Dying and… maybe also for fans of Hope Conspiracy, though that might be too much of a stretch. Good shit.