Review: The Remedy Session

The Remedy Session
(Recovery Records)

Drawn out, methodical, epic guitars surrounded by male lead vocals and female harmonies that make the whole process worth it.  Seriously, guitar minimalism followed by deep full distortion is hard to beat in songs like “rescue”.    The chosen distortion is very remnant of Hum’s “You’d Prefer an Astronaut” (but, much less expansive) and surprisingly enough I popped that album in for a couple spins after one listen of this album, but hey, what do I know.

Chris Polito’s voice is absolutely perfect when it comes to playing big power chord americana.  When someone pours their words into songs like “starting over” and “recovery” it can really hit home for someone like myself who has reevaluated their life at one time or another.  It’s strangely apparent to me after reading their press release and subsequently listening to this album that this drummer, who happens to be a chick, hits her drums very hard.  Strangely enough I can almost hear this bands passion in the way their drummer plays.  At best her musical stylings are a national treasure.  Anyways, valiant.