Review: Raunchy

““Confusion Bay””
(Nuclear Blast)

Sometimes you think you know what a disc will sound like and then you’re proven completely wrong when you actually hear it; Raunchy was like that for me. I thought I had these guys completely pegged as you’re average death metal band, hell they’’re even signed to Nuclear Blast, home of Hypocrisy! What I got instead was this incredible fusion of industrial, metal and melody.

Think of a mixture between In Flames, combined with the power and melody of Fear Factory and you’ll have a good idea. Raunchy seem to have a secret weapon in the vocals department when it comes to Kasper Thomsen. This guy can belt out a melody that will be stuck in your help for days, but at the same time can spit poisonous venom in his vocals that could do battle with any extreme metal act. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the ‘Watch Out’, where the chorus and Fear Factory like grooves make it the album’s strongest cut.

Raunchy’s “”Confusion Bay”” is most definitely one of the most powerful releases to come out of the Nuclear Blast camp this year, let’s just hope they get the push that this album deserves so that it can be  heard by the masses. The only album I could possibly see being better than this on Nuclear Blast would be the new In Flames and for that to happen it better be a damn good record.